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Do you work in the field of cargo transportation and every day you spend a lot of time searching for suitable loads on transportation sites? Now you can forget about it - our unique service will help you to automatically track new cargo listings on shipping sites such as Sylectus and send letters from your mail on your behalf to brokers with an offer.

The service gives you the opportunity to minimize the chance of losing cargo, as well as an opportunity to put your company in the first ranks of competition, as the automation of the monitoring is 1 minute.

The information sent from your mail is a dynamic, final miscalculation of each unique track.

Two types of automation.  Fully Automatically and Manually with a dynamic list

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After you set the criteria of searching the cargo, the service will monitor the sylectus dashboard every minute, as soon as suitable cargo appears, there will be a match, during which time the broker will automatically get a letter with an offer from your mail on your behalf, with your rate, i.e. the final sum and the technical characteristics of the truck


Manual shipping implies the same principle, the automatic search of cargo according to your criteria, but in this case there will be no automatic shipping. The button "HOLD" will appear next to the track, where the list of suitable shipments will be made. The list will be dynamic - it means that the oldest ad will be deleted after one hour in order to keep the offer current. In this list you can select the cargo you are interested in. There is also an option to edit a post.


Pickup on a selected date, selection of driver type, choice of direction, search radius, ETA calculations, all part of the filters you specify. The main options are listed below
image Closest City Move your truck to popular city after delivery
image Capacity calculation Specifying the dimensions of your truck, the service calculates whether the load can fit
image Equipment You can specify all equipment for each truck
image Dynamic message Message will be used as a global template with dynamic data on each truck with unique offers using Shortcodes
image Rate for state It is possible to specify the rate for a particular state. Thus, in the settings of one truck, you can create several directions, to each of them specifying its necessary rate
image Canada For this direction you specify a rate, as well as you can add the amount which will be added to the final price for this direction. Same logic from Canada to the USA
Price The subscription is applied immediately after the purchase, if you have unused days left and you change the subscription plan. The days that are left will be recalculated and added to the selected plan.
Start 53$ / Monthly This plan allows you to use up to 5 Trucks per month Start trial
Medium 106$ / Monthly This plan allows you to use up to 10 Trucks per month Start trial
Ultra 159$ / Monthly This plan allows you to use up to 15 Trucks per month Start trial

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